The Journal


As part of its celebration for SS14 of a life uncooked and the style expressions we see every day off the big city centers, A.O.CMS is proud to present one understated, carefully rendered example of the classic varsity jacket: SOLVALLA.
The SOLVALLA varsity is made in 100% goat suede. It comes in two colorways - shifting beige and shifting black. This is the ultimate everyday summer jacket, worn without anything under it together with a pair of shorts, gracing a suntanned body after a day at the beach. It is also spacious enough to carry a tinplated lunchbox to work. Or a packet of cigarettes and half a kebab for summer night after parties.
The lining for SOLVALLA is made of semi-shiny cotton satin in dark Serbian military-green.



The A.O.CMS display cabinet is carrying a large quantity of products on a small square meters area. The display shelfs are removable which enables flexibility on the exposure, for instance a single shelf can easily be placed on the cash desk.


The appreciation of well-made things is very much at the heart of A.O.CMS. Whether it be a pop song, an athletic performance or a garment, a skillfully conceived piece of work has an integrity that makes us care passionately about it. When we first discussed the idea to expand the A.O.CMS wardrobe we all agreed that we should collaborate with a designer skilled enough to make the garments memorable with regard to quality and feel. To achieve that requires profound knowledge about how to create a well-made piece of clothing. The devil is in the details, as they say.

Someone we felt possess this skill set is Åsa Göransson from acclaimed Stockholm label Å.F. Blank. So we asked her to design our CÔTES DES BASQUES line. A set of summer pieces inspired by the image of the effortless lifestyle of Atlantic coast beach villages such as Biarritz and San Sebastián in 1950s. Åsa came up with a pair of easygoing surfer’s shorts and a leisurely stylish cotton shirt in earthy tones. We call them VIERTEL COTTON SHORTS and ALL COTTON SHIRT, respectively. Executed in a straightforward, solid design, they are expertly built for pleasurable wear and tear in the heat.